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Wouldn’t it be great to determine an estimated fair market value for a single family residence?  In order to determine your home’s value,  property valuations Adelaide utilizes 14 regional and national Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) by using a cascading technology.  The cascading technology will choose the best AVM property data to report available based on the geographic region and local jurisdiction to give you an estimated fair market value based on comparable sales data for your requested property with a 98% success rate.  In addition to the comparable sales data and an estimated fair market value, the AVM report will also provide an estimated high range value, low range value, and a distressed market value.

Answer: Absolutely No charge. NPV is confident that we can provide you with a report. Our cascading AVM boasts a 98% success rate. It is important for our customers to understand that our reports are generated from public data. Data is not always available for each report, but you can be confident that if you order a report and the report is not available you will not be charged!

To get your “Free Home” Value offered by a number of websites, you must agree to have your personal contact information and phone number disclosed.  What they don’t tell you is that your personal information is sent to as many as 5 Real Estate Agents, numerous mortgage bankers, insurance companies, home inspection companies, etc.  These websites are funded by these companies as a means to generate sales leads!  As a result, your home telephone rings constantly as you get countless calls from Real Estate agents and other companies who want to sell their services.

The great majority of consumers do not want their personal information and phone numbers shared with such a large number of telemarketers or salespeople.  Knowledgeable consumers want the freedom to choose and evaluate Real Estate Agents and other service providers of their choosing, based on their own criteria, and on their own timing!  To add insult to injury….when you submit an address on other “Home Value” or “House Values” websites their goal is NOT to provide you with the best data available on your property.  Instead, these reports typically utilize only one or two smaller and lesser-known valuation models.  This does not provide the consumer with the most reliable information available.  Your home is often your biggest asset.  How can you trust the data you receive when the same people are vying to sell themselves and their services to you?

How an expert valuers help in accurate property valuations?

Need for performing the property valuation process is realized among peoples when they went to the real estate market for selling their houses and didn’t have the right prices for their property Econtech, the respected independent economic forecaster, today released the State-by-State, GST adjusted, CPI figures for the September 2000 quarter. The Business Coalition for Tax Reform commissioned the figures at the request of both the Property Council and the Australian Retailers Association.


We cannot advise whether the figures are appropriate for property owners to use or we’ll be prosecuted for breaching price fixing laws. However, we can say the figures are a response to the major problems property owners currently face in calculating CPI linked rents. The Melbourne Property Valuers and Consumer Commission (ACCC) says property owners must not include the GST induced inflation spike in future rents if it increases your net dollar margin.

The Property Council remains locked in negotiations with the ACCC over whether tenants and landlords need to jointly agree to the use of a specific figure or methodology.The process will be much helpful because it will give you the approximate value of your house and then you can improve your house if you want more prices on your house.

We personally briefed ACCC supremo Allan Fels on the issue on Tuesday night. The Property Council’s position is that landlords should not be forced to gain a tenant’s permission to use independently produced CPI figures when there is no credible alternative available. The property industry has made a big start to 2001.

The ACCC has agreed to our proposal to allow property owners to use independently published, GST adjusted, inflation figures to calculate CPI linked rents. The good news is that you won’t be forced to gain a tenant’s permission to use the CPI figures, as originally proposed. This was the major talking point during the Fels briefing.